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Dog Dental Chews

Benefits of dental chews for dogs

Dogs love chewing on their toys, but they also love having healthy teeth. These dog dental chew benefits will help keep them happy and healthy. Dog Dental Chews are longlasting and healthy for your dogs dental health.

They Clean Teeth.

A dog's mouth is designed to work as a cleaning machine. Their tongue has special cells called papillae that trap bacteria and debris and then move it out through the saliva. This process is repeated several times per minute. With this they can clean their teeth while eating solid things. Dehydrated chews are the thing.

They Help Prevent Bad Breath.

If you give your dog a toy with hard pieces, he might not be able to clean his teeth properly. Instead, choose a soft toy that allows him to easily remove any debris. This would provide them with satisfaction and comfort.

They Promote Healthy Gums.

A dog’s mouth is very similar to ours. It has the same number of teeth, and it uses the same muscles to move its jaw as we do. This means that dogs need to brush their teeth just like we do. However, unlike us, they cannot use toothpaste because it would make their mouths too slippery. So instead, they use special chews made especially for dogs. Dehydrated bones are just nice for the job.

They Reduce Stress.

Chewing on these treats helps reduce stress by stimulating the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are natural painkillers that give people feelings of happiness and relaxation.

They Provide Exercise.

Chewing on these chews provides exercise for dogs. It stimulates the jaw muscles and improves circulation. Dehydrated chews keeps the gums healthy and strong. And also releases their excess energy and they will be more prepared for training and have less distraction and be hyperactive.


Most importantly, they are long Lasting and healthy chews for dogs and cats alike. Something to indulge in for long hours. Made with fresh ingredients, taking dog health into mind, most importantly, made with love.