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Air Dried Meat Floss Meal Topper

Preservative-free Meat Floss

­Our meal topper is an essential for picky eaters. It's also a great avenue to replace nutrients. Air Dried Meat Floss is a perfect source of protein and other meat-based essentials for your dog or cat. Meal Topper.

Meat Floss as Food Toppers

Power Dust are actually dehydrated Meat Floss made by drying raw beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, and other meats in an oven at low temperatures then grinding the resulting flakes. The result is a topper that provides your pet with all the essential amino acids needed for proper growth and development. It's really good if you're figuring out your puppies allergies as these are single novel proteins. And we do meat Floss of all sorts. So they go well with isolating what your pooch and eat and what they cannot.

Food Toppers

Best as meal toppers. Caters to picky eaters and to those who are allergic to various kinds of proteins. These floss are all single protein and is packed with wholesome goodness. They provide the right amount of lean meat to build up muscles, and provide the basis for acid amino which  can be used as an energy source for your dog's daily activity. A meal with a slight topping of fresh floss can do wonders to the health of your dog. Do make sure you get Ah Chye's Pet Treats Power Dust as they are made up of 100% pure lean  meat and they contain absolutely no additives or preservatives. Making it healthy and wholesome. A great health in later life starts when your dog is in their early age, so please grab one of these bottles, and bring them to any outing and top it up with their food. It will certainly be a delightful surprise.