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Dog Cake In Singapore

Singapore dog cakes

We've the most affordable dog friendly cake. Homemade with love. Delivered to your house at your convenience, working with LaLamove to get you the freshest cakes. On the topic of Dog Cake In Singapore - It’s not just about having fun anymore. Nowadays, people have started taking their pets seriously. They even go as far as making cakes for them. There are many pet lovers who love to bake for their dogs. This is because they believe that baking will give their dogs a better life.


As the name suggest dog cake is a cake made specifically for dogs. As dogs have a different nutritional intake requirements. The ingredients used must be dog-proofed. The toppings can include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other healthy treats.The base can be mostly a combination of meat and carbohydrates such as lamb or Beef. As for the carbohydrates, you can choose either anti-allergic or the wholesome.

The anti-allergic base is made up of lentils based legume, lentils are whole-grain, and therefore provides more health benefits such as providing the dog's with prebiotics to strengthen their stomach to prevent diarrhea. This base is 100% gluten-free. Hence might not provide that stomach filling sensation, but is best suited for dogs who want to cut some weight down.

The wholesome base is made up of either potatoes, pumpkins, or sweet potato and some corn-base flour. These are healthy carbohydrates that provides energy yet do not convert into glucose which in turn converts into fats as much as the normal base. Lentils and quinoa are more expensive as it tougher to gain enough energy for the same amount of grain as compared to wheat or rice.

The normal base is filling and appetizing, it is made up of wheat/rice flour, and is most suited for dogs with a good appetite. Most Dogs do have some tolerance to wheat and rice, but dogs with a sensitive stomach might want to avoid these high-carbs options. As carbs although essential, are not the main component of a dog's diet. Lastly icing is must be fully dog-proofed. Cheese or dairy-free cream should be used. You can add your own message. Deliciously endorsed by many dogs. Guaranteed to your dog's liking. Great for celebrations and birthday parties. Especially Pawloween.

You can make it yourself or buy one from any pet store.If you are looking for a good recipe for dog cake, then you should try ours. It has been tested by many dog owners and it is proven to work well. You can place your order here today!

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