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Our Story

If you wouldn't eat, why would you feed?

Throughout my journey with dog ownership, I've encountered many dogs that have passed away prematurely due to kidney, heart failure, or cancer, and we suspect it is due to the long-term consumption of processed food. After a search in the US FDA website, we found many findings and studies that support this hypothesis, even the FDA is looking into other issues such as food contamination[1]. We also found that the fact that over-processed food is linked to cancer also resonated with many dog owners. So we started making our own food for our pets. So we use meat sourced from approved sources by AVA and we dehydrate and pack in our homes. We started giving some away while selling some of them and we've worked with animal welfare groups such as and Forget me not shelter for pets to provide shelter dogs with freshly made treats. Now we would like to share them with the broader pet owners community. Your help would definitely come in handy as we reach out to more people who are still not yet aware of the dangers of highly processed food.

Just as you want the best for your loves ones, why wouldn't you do so for your best canine companions. As fellow pet owners, we are passionate about the nutrition our pets get. We strive to provide a balance and whole nutritional intake to our canine counterparts. We source from ingredient providers that are well-established and have shown to be credible by their respective authority. We do not use preservative and chemical additive to increase the shelf life nor do we use artificial fragrance to increase the appeal of our products, because we know that although eating these in the short-term do not have any consequences, however, in the long run, it is detrimental to their health. Never would we want to trade convenience for a short time, to their quality of life in the long run. Just as how we treat our own bodies, shouldn't we treat our pets the same too? I'm sure we all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. Therefore, we do not subscribe to overly-processed food that have been shown to be linked to cancer. We use fresh and quality source of food, preserve the nutrient to our best ability and present them to our fur-kids. At the center, we love human's best friends for the reason they love us.