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Air dried Pet Treats

Preservative-free Dehydrated Air Dried Pet Treats

The dehydration process which we used is to air-dry the Dehydrated Treats. This is one of the most oldest way of removing the water contents of the meat. After this, about 90% of the meat weight will be lost. Leaving only the gist of the meat. The resulting jerky now is lighter and most important only contains the best part of the meat. In the absence of moist, the jerky can now last longer even in room conditions. Pets love the compact and fragrance of the treats and therefore would work hard to earn them, which makes them suitable for training.

  • There are a huge range of meats to choose from, we personally source them from credible sources, and make sure that our ingredients adhere to the standards set by the authorities.Furthermore, we add no preservatives and more importantly no additives to artificially increase the shelf life or to entice your loved ones to eat them. We make them fresh everyday from the oven and have them delivered to you. Choose a healthy life by supporting us.

 Air dried Pet Treats is the choice for you.