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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck

Duck is one good alternative if your pooch is allergic to the other commonly found meat in the market. It's texture is also slightly more chewy and elastic than chicken, if he/she is a dog that prefers "chewing gum" than "potato-chips", then duck jerky is a good choice for them.

  • Duck meat is also high in protein and can complement your pooch regular diet.
  • Moreover, it has a unique fragrance that is unlike other meat. Switching to something not so commonly found in the market would give your pooch a nice surprise! so why not consider Ah Chye's Air-Dried Jerky!    

Why go for natural and preservatives-free?

Although many people believe that commercial dog treats contain harmful chemicals that cause allergies. However, there's no evidence that this is true. In fact, some studies suggest that commercial dog treats actually cause more allergies than homemade treats. This is because commercial treats tend to be made with unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup, wheat flour and soybean oil. So for your own dog's health sake. Choose local choose natural.

Storage Guide:

1 week- Keep in room temperature in airtight container, away from heat, cool, dark area such as kitchen cupboard

1 month- Keep in refrigerator


*Because our products are preservatives free. The dehydrated meats can grow mold should moisture gets into the container, ensure your hand is dry before taking out the treat from the package*