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Premium Air Dried Pet Treats

Preservative-free Premium Air-Dried Dehydrated Pet Treats

Premium Dehydrated Pet Treats. An occasional treat of exotic meat can surely bring joy to your furkids. Why not indulge them once in a while with meats that are not readily available in the market? We offer

  • Crocodile,
  • Venison, and Kangaroo from Australia and Nea Zealand
  • Crocodile is freshly sourced from the alligator farm in Lim Chu Kang.
  • Venison is sourced from New Zealand

where the grasslands are aplenty and the deers run freely without being caged. With such a high amount of exercise, the meat is tender and is low in fat, making it very suitable for pet consumption if your pet requires a low-fat diet. Kangaroo is freshly sourced from ethical merchants in Australia, the Kangaroos are free-range and not farmed. The meat is air-flown into Singapore and freshly dehydrated here. Making our Dehydrated Pet Treats fresh.

We sincerely hope our furkids get to enjoy these healthy and premium treats, that's why we put in the effort to make them as healthy and as natural to them as possible.