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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Crocodile

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Crocodile

This ferocious beast is one of the most fearsome creatures on the planet, their existence has even dated back to the days of dinosaurs. But surprisingly, its meat is a fairly new trend in the pet food industry, it is highly nutritious and more importantly,does not easily trigger allergy in dogs.  Therefore, Air Dried Pet Treats Crocodile is your choice.


People feed dehydrated crocodiles meat to their pets due to a few reasons, first, for health reasons. It's rich in omega-3 and low in sodium and phosphate, making it very suitable for dogs with early to mid-stages renal failure. Their kidney simply does not need to work so hard to digest this protein. It is low in fat, making it suitable for dogs who need to lose weight, and also for dogs competing in agility competitions. Service dogs in rescue missions requiring high amounts of energy while rescuing people trapped in earthquakes tend to need such a high-quality source of meat to supplement their nutritional intake to perform in their tip-top condition.

Why choose our dehydrated crocodile meat?

Secondly, its meat is highly priced as one of the most appealing meats for canines. It is considered the creme de la creme among all meats, the taste is delicious and wholesome, as attested by many canines who have tried it. It's juicy, tender, and yet succulent with a springy texture, giving your pet a wonderful epicurean experience. It's a motivation for difficult training sessions, as who wouldn't work harder for that out-of-the-world exquisiteness? 

 Thirdly, dogs can develop certain food intolerance in any part of their life. This is when there's a need to switch to a novel protein source. Alligator's single protein structure helps to combat skin allergies such as dermatitis and helps to avoid gastrointestinal allergies which cause diarrhea. 

In all, it's a wonderful delicacy with a spread of nutritional benefits, we are sure your dog would appreciate it, just as our humans who have tried it can testify!