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Our Trusted Partners


best dog massage
Pawsitive Sensations. They provide holistic canine massage, acupressure & Bowen therapy and more, just for your pets. A group of bipeds (humans) who love our quadrupeds (especially dogs!) and are here to help them feel better!
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 Woofy Goofy, our place to go for snuffle toys. They provide cute, trendy, and high quality snuffle toys for your fur-friend. Chye and her friends all love them. Our Instagram feats are often made possible only with their products. do good for homeless dogs

A student-led organization aimed to reduce food wastage within the pet community, one paw at a time. With their ready pool of shelters and fosterers, they effectively channel surplus goods, repurposing them for a more meaningful cause while helping businesses reduce the amount of waste generated. Join them in reducing food wastage within the pet community whilst benefiting our fur-pals who are in shelters, foster care and not forgetting those on the streets. We work with them on a 1to1donation arrangement, if you purchase anything order without gift vouchers or discount codes, within a certain time-frame, we will match an equivalent portion you order and donate it to