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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck Floss

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck Floss

Air Dried Duck Floss is a perfect meal topper, most sited for picky eaters. Spinkle a little on their kibbles and watch it work wonders.

Dehydrated Duck Floss

Does your hooman force you to eat those tasteless kibbles? or, do they force vegetables down your throat in the name of health. Don't they understand that there's no point of living if there's no good food? Now it's your turn to get back at them. Make your stand that your food must be topped with Duck Floss  Just a little magic sprinkler turns scrappy food into heavenly delights. Make your point known to your hoomans. Sprinklers is a must not a choice. 

Why Choose Ah Chye Pet Treats!

But why go natural with Ah Chye Pet Treats, it's because we're a socially responsible company that cares truly about our fellow canine friends. We care for their long-term health as much as you do. So do trust us to give you our best!

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