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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck Feet

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Duck Feet

  • If your dog loves to chew, these duck feet will certainly be their favorite. Similar to chicken feet, duck feet provide a source of protein and amino-acid.
  • It will also contain natural Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which help in joint restoration.

Other benefits

Furthermore, Duck feet are sometimes chosen over chicken feet as it is webbed and have more cartilage and hence more 'beef' to chew on. The claws are also not as sharp, hence no trimming is needed. If your dog is allergic to chicken, then duck feet are most appropriate for him or her. It's also low in fat and would not build up that extra fat when eating it. This is truly a delicacy that they would love to the bits. Do indulge in them once in a while.

Pure dehydrated Duck Feet

Dogs love duck feet because they are typically larger than chicken feet and they are also webbed. These are one of the favorite on their list. Best to be used when rewarding a good behavior.