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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Beef Tendon

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Long (for medium and big breed)
Short (for small breed)

Dehydrated Beef Tendon Chew

The Dehydrated Beef Tendon Chew comes in 2 variants,

  • Long for large breed dogs and the chew length is between 15-25cm.
  • Whereas the short is for small breed dogs and puppies, and its chew length is between 8-14 cm. 
  • Choose the option that suits your furkid as to not worry about of choking hazards. 

Dehydrated beef tendons are natural chews that are perfect to keep your dog engaged for long hours. Going for a date? Want some me-time? Give your dog a beef tendon and we guarantee he/she will not come and bother you for hours. Best thing is that when you are back, none of your furniture will be wrecked, and more importantly, your dog is well-entertained and happy to receive you home. What's more that will put a smile on your face, than seeing your dog happy after such a long separation.

Best Air Dried Beef Tendon Chew for your dog

Beef Tendon are also high in nutrients such as protein and low in fats. They also help to promote dental health by clearing tartar. They are also helps in mental health by providing a venting outlet for high-energy dogs.

Beef Tendons are usually safe for consumption, just be careful of small part which might cause choking if not chews properly. If you dog is a anxious swallow type of dog, do be careful to monitor him/her before leaving them unsupervised for long-term. 

Beef tendon chews are 100% natural dried beef tendons. They are usually taken from the Achilles tendon of a cow, but any long thick tendon can be used. They also contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps to improve joint health.

The best combination for entertainment and for health.