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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Chicken Feet

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Chicken Feet

Dehydrated Chicken feet

Air Dried Chicken Feet helps Dogs to release energy while chewing on something, it's the instinct that has been passed down since their wolf ancestors. We know every dog will now and then need something to chew on to just satisfy that natural craving. We know that If this need is not met, they will proceed to chew on a thing that is unsafe to inappropriate to chew on. Dehydrated Chicken feet are just perfect chew for them, with rich sources of nutrients such as


Dehydrated Chicken feet contains:

  • they have Glucosamine and Chondroitin help with the tendon and joint restoration.
  • they contain Collagen to provide joint health
  • they provide Protein and amino acids to help with muscle build-up
  • Iron to promote red blood cells build-up
  • Calcium and phosphate help with bone and teeth health
  • Promotes dental health by chewing
  • Single-ingredient helps with dog's allergy
  • Promotes a healthy gut

Why Dehydrated Chicken feet

Plus since it's dehydrated, it will not splinter and cause a blockage in your dog's stomach. Do monitor your dog if he or she loves to swallow with chewing. There is still a risk of choking if your pooch is not used to biting down on the chew.

Why go natural for your dog?

Dehydrated Chicken feet

In addition to being healthier, natural dog treats also taste better. Commercial treats often use artificial ingredients such as corn syrup, wheat flour, soybean oil, and other additives. These ingredients make the treats more palatable, but they aren't necessary. We easily make healthy homemade dog treats at home with just four ingredients: meat, vegetables, eggs.