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Spent grain pet cookies

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Introducing Ah Chye's Eco-Friendly Pet Cookies: Treat Your Pet and the Planet Right!
Ah Chye's Eco-Friendly Pet Cookies are a game-changer for conscientious pet owners. Crafted with spent barley grains sourced from local breweries, pork, and gluten-free flour, these delicious treats not only satisfy your pet's cravings but also contribute to reducing food waste and promoting sustainability. By repurposing these grains that would otherwise be discarded, Ah Chye's Pet Cookies play a vital role in protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. These grain-based cookies provide the necessary dietary grains for your pet's digestive health, while the inclusion of pork and gluten-free flour ensures a wholesome and allergy-friendly snack option. Join the movement, pamper your furry friend, and make a positive impact on the planet—one Ah Chye's Eco-Friendly Pet Cookie at a time. 


Each bottle consist of 12 pieces of cookies. Each cookie is about 20g in weight.