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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Chicken Floss

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Dehydrated Chicken Floss

You use Air Dried Chicken Floss as

  • meal topper
  • picky eaters solution
  • treats

Picky eaters' meal topper

Does your hooman force you to eat those tasteless kibbles? Furthermore, do they force vegetables down your throat in the name of health. Don't they understand that there's no point of living if there's no good food? So, now it's your turn to get back at them. Make your stand that your food must be topped with chicken floss.

Wonderful magic

Just a little magic sprinkler turns scrappy food into heavenly delights. So, make your point known to your hoomans. Sprinklers is a must not a choice. 

Why choose natural dog treats?

But seriously speaking, chicken floss is an affordable and yet healthy source of protein. For dogs that are not allergic to chicken, they provide the right amount of lean meat to build up muscles, and provide the basis for acid amino which  can be used as an energy source for your dog's daily activity.

Healthy Dog Treats

A meal with a slight topping of fresh chicken floss can do wonders to the health of your dog.

Healthy dog treats air dried chicken floss

Do make sure you get Ah Chye's Pet Treats Chicken Power Dust. Additionally, because they are made up of 100% pure chicken lean breast meat and they contain absolutely no additives or preservatives. Making it healthy and wholesome.

Prepare for old age

Furthermore, a great health in later life starts when your dog is in their early age, so please grab one of these bottles, and bring them to any outing and top it up with their food. It will certainly be a delightful surprise.