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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Tuna

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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Tuna

Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Tuna is made from pure tuna. Tuna fish is one of the most popular seafood in the world. It offers its abundance and meaty flavor such that even the most picky individual will not be able to resist the temptations. What more to say about our fellow canine friends.

  • Our tuna jerky are made up of fresh tuna fillet, guaranteed to only consist of lean meat. Therefore, it is high protein and low in calories.
  • The unique meaty fragrance with extremely nutritious components has made it an ideal treat for training, this is in addition of not adding calories to our furkids. 

Sustainability fishing

We only source from fish farmers that are ethical in their methods of fishing. This is to preserver the fish stocks and also to maintain biodiversity of the fauna in the local waters.

why choose Ah Chye Air dried Pet Treats?

Let us do the tough work for you while you sit back and enjoy the perks of owning a dog. You want it more fresh? than you got to do it yourself, otherwise we are you choice!


 Storage Guide:

1 week- Keep in room temperature in airtight container, away from heat, cool, dark area such as kitchen cupboard

1 month- Keep in refrigerator

*Our products are preservatives free. The dehydrated meats can grow mold should moisture gets into the container, ensure your hand is dry before taking out the treat from the package*