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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Scallop

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Air dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Scallop

Dehydrated Scallop contains multiple benefits for dogs.

Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Scallop has high potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and protein.

  • These will help dogs build up immunity to disease. Plus it will help in repairing broken tissue which is a part and parcel of a canine's life.
  • Also, which dog would not want a tasty chewy, and fragrant treat? Our scallops are prepared carefully to get rid any any traces of bacteria that could be found in any shellfish.
  • We clearly adhere by these 3 steps of preparation, first, we cook the scallops, then we dehydrate it, then we bake it in high temperature. This is to ensure all bacteria are cleared.
  • Furthermore, we only use the finest scallops, the scent lingers on for a long time after you open the container. As such, we are sure that your dog would like to savor such a delicacy.
  • Ah Chye Air dried Pet Treats is guaranteed to your liking

Why have dog treats that are locally made fresh?

Because firstly they are more affordable, you save on freight. secondly you get food that's fresh and nice. no harmful preservatives. A dog's life is so short, don't further shorten it.