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Air Dried Pet Treats Green Lip Mussels

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Green Lip Mussels

Dehydrated Mussels

New Zealand green lip dehydrated Mussel. Utterly irresistible tenderness. Fragrance that lingers for on your fingers. Whole Mussel no broken parts.

  • Open up from the shell, freshly dehydrated for you. Each piece is 100% in tact. Taste the premium of what New Zealand offers.
  • Air Dried Pet Treats preserves the nutrients while delivering the on the taste and fragrance

Our Dedication

We remove the shell and extract the meat and dehydrate it for your. The mussel is thus left with all the natural nutrients fresh from the sea. Let your dog smell it and he or she would know the difference between us and other unknown brands.

Affordability of our Dehydrated Mussels

We are here to give you the best quality with affordable pricing. We do it because this is our passion and calling to provide our canine friends with the best-tasting yet nutritious food possible. Because we believe they are deserving of our love. 

Why Choose Ah Chye Pet Treats?

Having been pet owners ourselves, we feel your pain, we understand your struggles, that is why we provide affordable and yet healthy food that is made in freshly in Singapore. Dehydrated Mussels is definitely your choice.