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Air dried Pets Treats Dehydrated Spanish Mackerel

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Air dried Pets Treats Dehydrated Spanish Mackerel


Dehydrated Spanish Mackerel: trata de perro

Perro means dog in spanish and Trata is Treats. So Trata De Perro means dog treats in Spanish. On the other hand, the Spanish Mackerel is high in protein and filled with healthy nutrients such as Omega-3. When air-dried and baked, It produces a strong fish aroma that lingers. Air dried Pets Treats Dehydrated Spanish Mackerel.

The Mackerels, being oily fish, have high amounts of omega-3s.

  • These good fats are known to reduce blood pressure and decrease the levels of cholesterol in your body.
  • Studies have shown that those who eat mackerel regularly have lower blood pressure and less cholesterol in their blood.
  • Omega-3 also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help fight many disease such as dementia and many others. 

The fragrance will also cause humans will love them as much as dogs do.  Because dogs who have fish are also known to have longer life and health. Spanish Mackerel are sourced from the ocean, and we make sure that these fish are sourced ethically without harming the local ecosystem.