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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Squid

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Air Dried Pet Treats Dehydrated Squid

Can dogs eat squid? not the typical dehydrated squid you find in supermarkets as those are high in salt. But when properly dehydrated squid is a great source of protein. It also has nutrients such as,

  • Riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and Phosphorus,
  • and a very good source of Copper and Selenium.
  • It also contains most of the amino acids which kibbles must contain to be considered healthy.
  • Additionally, squid when dehydrated is chewy and fragrant. Your dog will surely like it to the bits! Each pack contains 75g of Squid.


Why choose local freshly made products?

Because you save on international freight. And you also protect your dog by not having them eating too much preservatives and additives. Making the treats last for months during the ship freight is impossible. So, let us dehydrate fresh food for you here.

Why Choose Ah Chye Air Dried Pet Treats?

Because we focus on delicious and yet healthy treats for your dog and cats.